Brand Enchancement Offer
It was great to look behind the curtains and learn more about the Airtender and Nanostopper. Very inspiring story of how an idea developed into something big and unique.
Together with Rui, we discussed that the available visual material of both Airtender and Nanostopper are good, but not great as it misses the personal touch and does not communicate the uniqueness that your products have. An additional complication is related to the current Covid-19 situation - with all fairs and expo's cancelled, it is quite challenging to present the physical qualities of Airtender & Nanostopper.

I took the liberty to analyze the website, packaging and other material available online in order to make a few further steps in understanding how could we turn around the visual communication to:

(A) present the uniqueness of your products
(B) embrace the current social distancing situation.

I found that a lot of material is already in place, you have great medium to work with – the videos, recipes, stories, inspirations… The content is not a problem, it is some restructuring and visuals adjustments are required - to match the story behind the product better.
content restructuring suggestion
The story of the 4 elements on the kitchen could be a bit more prominent – it is great, original and would work perfectly as a unique selling point. People love storytelling, so I believe we can make the About us page a bit more magical and stylish.

The story behind the product is a wonderful opportunity to show the face and make it more personal. The video on the Airtender About page featuring Rui is great. It would be also fantastic to show the pictures of the ones who is actually telling the story of a product developed from A to Z and produced in Europe .

The content of the Inspiration tab is a very special addition, but it seems to be a bit unstructured. For example, the Sustainability aspect (which is one of the most important topics nowadays) is hidden between recipes and influencers.
a more exculsive look

Airtender is not a cheap product, therefore a more luxurious look & feel would apeal to the target audience of cooking enthusiasts. Luxurious does not necesserily mean sparkling letters, I would rather think in the direction of elegant minimalism of Apple products presentation.
It's all in the details

It is the small graphical elements and choices that make the current website look a bit average (such as spacing, shadow effects, button color, etc.). That would also mean that by adjusting the details you can upgrade the overal style and use the excisting content.
the magic of air

Some parts of the website look a bit crowded. To facilitate easier reading and understanding, we need to add more air to the website, just as Airtender does in the kitchen. That would mean larger margins between content blocks, lighter font weights, wider spacing, etc.
imagery revision

Without a doubt, it is always better to have original images, and it is great that you use the unique footage and photos of your products. Working with stock images can be challenging, although, I am sure we can slightly adjust the visual library to match the sophisticated look of the products.

social media
In Corona times, social media is something you cannot neglect.
I saw that you are quite active on Instagram and Facebook and have a consistent style of your posts - that is important for the brand awareness.

I heard from Rui that you have a lot of visual material available and on your websites I found a lot of interesting pieces that could serve as a basis for numerous social media posts. We could create a social media plan combining spontaneous posts (on more topical occasions) and prefabrications. The style would need small adjustments to bring it in one line with other rebranded communication materials.
package design
I really like the thin-lined graphics of the packages and the elegance of typography, however it could be slightly refined for a more modern and stylish look. My general suggestion would be the same as for the website – more air, minimalism and make your story more prominent.
I would be happy to offer my part-time freelance graphical help and visual guidance for your brand. I understand that you would prefer to have someone on full-time payroll. I believe that my experience and enthusiasm about your products would help me to dive in and enhance the visual communication in a professional and very efficient manner.

I would like to offer you 2 fixed work days a week with one day spending in your office in Zoetermeer, so I can 'taste the magic of the air' in real life. I have 2 work schemes – on hourly basis and on day basis with a possibility of 'strip card' discount system.
The latter would fit our cooperation better, I believe.

Full hourly price
Full hourly price
€1920 (5% discount) | 2 weeks
€4800 (10% discount) | 5 weeks
€7680 (10% discount) | 8 weeks
€9600 (10% discount) | 10 weeks
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