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Covid-19 survey campaign & report
Yearly, Multi Corporation rolls out a customer survey in the shopping centres under management. The main focus of this year’s survey was COVID-19. Finding a way to encourage the visitors to take part in a survey with this sensitive topic was an interesting challenge.
As a designer, I was responsbile for the visual communication on two stages of this project - the invitation to take the survey and the presentation of the results.

During the first stage of the project, I developed design for the promotion campaign (both printed and online). I chose the positive approach with bright imagery and a bold personal call-to-action slogan. All shopping centres marketing teams received a package with visual materials and instructions.
The survey was rolled out in 11 countries at 50 different shopping centres. It has been a great success: over 33,000 responses submitted during the survey campaign.

That provided a solid base for the second stage of the project - the results presentation. Together with my colleagues from Multi Research Lab, I developed a style for the survey report and visuals to present the survey on social media.
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